Do you have spreadsheets which:

  • are too complicated?

  • take too long to run?

  • have formulas that keep getting overwritten?

  • give unreliable answers?

Do you spend time re-keying data from one place to another?

Is the output not quite in the right format?

These are some of the more common problems that we encounter in the small business environment and they are very often quickly (and cheaply) fixed.

Or you may already have an idea of the improvements required and just need someone to implement them.

Either way, we'll take a look at what you've got and make the necessary changes.

As an aside - Manual Tasks

Yes, we can fix and help to improve your spreadsheets, but we can also discuss whether there are any current tasks which can be automated. 


These can often be big wins for small businesses. Tasks that used to take hours can easily be being transformed into ones that take minutes instead.