Red Port Left

Red Port Left - we understand Small Business

Based in Teesside in the North East, our background is small business. We understand the budgetary constraints that exist. But we also understand the huge benefits that automating tasks can have in organisations where a few people do a lot of different jobs.


Between us all at Red Port Left, we have owned and run both a small software company and a small food importing business.



As a professional software house we had to make sure our software was accurate and easy-to-use. We ended up with over 8000 customers before we sold the company. And, we often had to create programs for internal use too - these programs were not for sale and therefore needed to be quickly developed, cost-effective but still accurate and still effective.

Food Importing

With low profit margins and a large number of products, automation is key if you are going to succeed. We spent a lot of time creating spreadsheets that 'talked' to each other so that manual intervention was kept to a minimum.


Things like stock control, expiry dates, import duty calculation and price tolerances are all jobs which need to be reviewed on an on-going basis but are very tedious if done by hand. We got a lot of satisfaction from seeing them being done at the click of a button.  

Our Solutions fit the bill

At Red Port Left we are not going to give you a 100-page scoping document promising you the most polished solution on the planet.

But we are going to give you a solution that works, is easy to understand and doesn't break the bank.

We don't try to 'reinvent wheel' and if you have something which 'nearly works well', we will try to fix that first, instead of creating something from scratch.

Some of our projects are indeed large and relatively polished but most aren't.

We get a lot of enjoyment from creating cost-effective solutions which help customers save time and improve their business. 

We don't charge by the hour

We will always let you know before you incur any costs.


We are always happy to discuss work beforehand, on a no-cost basis and then give you a quote of what we think the work will cost.

If you want us to adapt what you already have, we will look at your existing spreadsheets/programs without charge. 

We really try not to charge by the hour, unless you particularly ask us to.

If you need to call us we will happily answer your queries, and if you ask us something that requires chargeable work to be done, we will tell you. 

No job is too small and we have no hidden costs.